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Phyto-Plus can supply you with high-end, highest quality Organic Licorice extracts and Organic chewy Licorice.
We make our most popular products available online.

Phyto-Plus, Inc. supplies:

  • Organic Licorice extracts, GLUTEN FREE and SUGAR FREE, in small hard pellets form, in different packaging and flavors,
  • Organic GLUTEN FREE Chewy Licorice Beads,
  • Organic GLUTEN FREE Chewy Licorice Stones
OUR MISSION is to provide you with the best and tastiest organic licorice on the market.
OUR COMMITMENT is to offer you only Certified Organic licorice extracts.

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Since 1998 PHYTO-PLUS, Inc. (ZOT brand) serve the National Health Food Market with ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE & NON GMO Candy. The Founder of the ZOT brand came to the States in 1996 from Italy and attended various Trade shows, while attending these shows he noticed that he did not see any Organic licorice being sold. As a master Herbalist with 15 years of experience in the Health food business, he knew the value of having this product here in the United States. He felt that the real taste of licorice was missing and in 1998 Phyto-Plus Inc. was developed. Phyto-Plus Inc. has the goal of becoming a major organic true licorice juice extract provider. We are the source of our product. We strive to provide or distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers with the best organic products that they can find on the market.

Since then Phyto-Plus, Inc. has created the ZOT brand that include the Organic Licorice root juice extracts in pellet form and other tasty candy products. Unlike modern soft Licorice, our organic product are made using a very old formula that makes it delightfully chewy. Using this method results in a richer, finer, and much longer-lasting taste experience.

The ZOT Brand is found in local health food stores and High-end grocery stores all over the United States and online. The brand is now making its way into organic candy stores and plan to expand its product line giving their happy customers delightful and healthy candy. ZOT brand has position itself to hold high end quality Licorice extract and Organic candy. We make our most popular products available online. Others packaging options are available upon

Phyto-Plus, Inc. supplies:

  • Organic Licorice extract, made from fresh roots, available in different packages, sizes, in pellets form
    or powder
  • Organic GLUTEN FREE Soft Licorice Gems
  • Organic GLUTEN FREE Chewy Licorice Beads, Senateurs (Violet) and Stones form
  • Organic Hard Candies available in different flavors, including Sesame.
All our products are available packaged or in Bulk form.
Main Product short descriptions:

ZOT LICORICE STONES: One of our fastest selling candy, is our Retro Licorice Stones. They have a
chewy licorice center and the outside is hard coated and made to look like actual stones/river rocks.
They hold up very well in bins and have a long shelf life.

ZOT LICORICE GEMS: Soft and chewy tasty treat. They are dusted with organic cane sugar and look
like a gum drop. This is my personal favorite Candy that we carry, as they do not have a strong
“typical” licorice flavor.

ZOT LICORICE BEADS: We also offer Licorice Beads which are a firm chewy, pop in your mouth,
licorice treat. This has more of a traditional licorice flavor and consistency. They are also available in
Violet flavor.

candies, made with Rice Syrup and Manioc syrup. No sugar or cane sugar. These are roughly 45%
lower in calories than our competitors.

ZOT GOOD’N UGLY: They look like a sweet tart. They are called Good ‘n’ Ugly because they are good
in taste, but a little ugly to look at. Those have a mint and anise flavor added to the Licorice flavor.

ZOT SESAME CANDY: The very first Organic and Gluten free Sesame candy, without sugar and with
syrup that we offer in the Original flavor and with Coconut!

All of our products are certified organic by QCS.


Our mission is to offer our wholesalers, retailers and distribution partners the best and purest licorice that they can find, that is Certified Organic, Gluten free and NON GMO. With so many people developing allergies due to the ingredients in various products such as corn, we make sure to pay close attention to the way our products are made. Our products do not use genetically modified ingredients which makes our products one of a kind. We strive to be the best on the market and at the forefront of maintaining the most natural state of the products.. This means that our product is not STANDARDIZED and at times may vary in taste, depending on the harvesting of the Organic plant ingredients.