What is DGL Licorice?

DGL is the abbreviation of deglycyrrhizinated licorice and is a form of licorice that has been chemically altered for safer consumption. Almost all of the licorice root plants found in the USA are imported from Cina for medicinal and food ingredient purposes. The majority of these Licorice roots have a glycyrrhizin content of 15% to as much as 24% and are not suitable for human consumption if taken daily over a certain period of time.

For this reason, glycyrrhizin is chemically removed, partially or totally, from imported licorice to form deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), before it is used in other products. Unfortunately, this chemical process alters the delicate natural balance of compounds found in the original licorice root. Such altered products, beside the chemical process and the content of pesticides, cannot be sold or advertised as “organic.”

Some Southern European licorice roots, depending of the climate and location, have a much much lower glycyrrhizin content , averaging 5% and, therefore, are suitable for human consumption in food and do not need to go through the DGL chemical process, but this Licorice roots are more expensive than its oriental counterpart, so they are less desirable from a commercial standpoint.

What Makes Your Product 100% Organic?

Our licorice comes from a species (glycyrrhiza glabra) grown in the southern part of Europe. Its natural glycyrrhizin content average 4%, so there is no need to deglycyrrhizinate it. Our pure Licorice root juice extract is produced as its sole product since the nineteenth century, nowadays using only organic methods of cultivation. We have no gluten, no added sweeteners and we are not genetically modified.

For these reasons, Phyto Plus is able to offer a genuinely organic product: the ONLY certified organic licorice root juice extracts available in the United States, and possibly anywhere.

Does your products contain any hidden ingredients?

The ingredients listed on our product labels are the only ingredients that our products contain.

How long is the shelf life of your product?

If kept in the proper environment the Licorice extract shelf life is about 5 years and about three years for all the other candy.

Can I make tea using your Licorice extract?

Because our extract comes from the juice of the fresh root and has no added ingredients yes you can make a tasty herbal tea from it.

Do you ship internationally?

Only to our authorized Distributors.

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